Life a beautiful word but not so easy to survive. Love a breathless feeling but not easy to hold.

She is in the middle of celebrating all that is good, considering everything good. Acceptance of imperfections with perfect way was surrounded to force her. life isn’t perfect neither humans. Resolution,changes and judgement were revolving around to choose everything that is not her and that way she started loosing herself . She believes in herself, she is a positive soul, she is survival, she is saviour. Believing in no judgement and straightforwardness untill, the opponent doesn’t cross the border between. Her life is not less then the rollercoaster, but that’s where and how it gives tremendous ride towards life which lead to success.

Her observation has become a believer whether it’s Failure or success, she has faith in herself to overcome with both the chapter throughout her life. She is coated with the layers of experiencing the fire inside the soul. sadness,anger, emotions, tears,frustration, judgement. – This 7 layers tried out hard to bring her down and break her apart, but she is stubborn and forbearing with self love.

She is as cold as ice but as hot as fire, She is a forgiver but not easy to forget. It’s depends the way she is treated with the unfairness served on her table. The negativity judged her on being herself with everyone equally. she is raw, her thoughts are as transperant as mirror. She doesn’t claim to be a writer but she is a great observer. The disappearance of people in her life is as similar as sunsleep, they are neither lovers or friends. They are a gentle monsters with terrible promises and rotten motives. but she is badass headstrong survival to build-up herslef stronger.

“Unforgettable reminder surrounded around her won’t break her down now”

– Shraddha Shah

You Need You

The most difficult task – Finding yourself within you !

The most difficult possibility – Finding unconditional love !

The most difficult situations – Choosing between YES or NO !

The most difficult claws – choosing what you actually don’t want !

The most difficult time – pretending, wearing a fake smile where you want to cry out loud !

The most difficult of now – you never know what is next !

So therefore, be alive be you.

wear yourself with glam Head up !

Stay stronger Go with the Flow

Love yourself

Be an inspiration to you

smile walk and live the moment.

– Shraddha Shah


Dearself i know life is unfair sometimes, things are not as easy as i thought it would be, The journey of healing self is not as easy as i thought it would be. Time is taking long, it is taking from light to dark and sometimes darkness is more then the light is less. I donot know how to be gentle with my thoughts my emotions and my soul that is often cover with blotches. It’s is difficult being soft It is difficult to choose them who pushes you to the edge of hardness.I don’t want to trust people with an ease, I don’t want to be cry and hurt my soul again and again with the same reason for the same person. I don’t want to be judged now and there. A Heart filled with scares and roughness is now broken into more pieces. Dearself i need you to understand me, i want you to carry my heart with the soft flow throughout the journey, i want you to be mine only and i want you to not make me feel anything ever again. now that you know dear self there is way out of being strong i need you and i want you to understand that.

Shraddha Shah


Hold on because i love you. hold on because we create the best the best MENU – ME N U. we start we finish we start we finish but that’s not the end. The years of memories are holding me on you, now and forever it’s you forever you. The feelings we shared, The moment we had is always the best. Hold on because i really never want us to end. It is so bad it hurts the most, we choose to end again and again even though we never want to End. This battels and war Between us will never win. I’m sure today or later we are going to hold on to be the best MENU to serve ourself again Forever.

Shraddha Shah

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